Remote Virtual Resonance and Phase Induction

By Ngoc-Loan P. Nguyen © 2000 All rights reserved.

I. Introduction

Persons acting in a magical nature often process information by consciously eliciting a virtual sensory representation of inputs and outputs. The primary reason is that a large degree of the information processing capacity available to a person for allocation to arbitrary computational tasks is related to centers for sensory perception. The representation is encoded in a quasi-symbolic form by the memories and instinctive associative relations embedded within their subconscious. This representation like any virtual reality reproduction has no greater validity or effect than that of the external correctness of correlation to real relations, inputs, or outputs that may be part of the throughput of the system. Most of the representational experience is spurious, filled in to create a context for interaction. Important elements are generally available only by extraction through conscious analytical reason. This general event is commonly called by the name of the Astral Plane or Astral Space.

Virtual representations only exchange real inputs and outputs when a condition called resonance occurs. Resonance occurs when information elements in the virtual representation are not merely simulations but directly exchange information under transformations. Unlike what its misnomer implies, it is perfectly possible for two persons to be in the "astral plane" viewing the virtual representation of the same object or event at the same time in actual physical proximity without also being in direct proximity in "astral space". When two persons are brought into proximity in "astral space" they are said to be "in phase" or that "phase induction" has occurred.

Also unlike concepts of real space, it is possible for two persons distant geographically in order to achieve virtual resonance and phase induction for interaction and communication purposes. However because of the small content of most 'telepathic' type packets and their difficulty, such remote 'astral communion' or meetings have remained for the most part events established with relative difficulty and more often motivated by hostile intentions than ones of a cooperative nature. The innovation of house Gamma Psi was to use the tools of a modified classical law of Similarity and modern technology in order to make remote resonance and phase induction in virtual modes of interaction a practical tool for training and collaboration.

This is made possible by the two following observations. A phone reproduces the likeness of a person's voice and words in a very small lapsed period of time. This lapsed time period for modern devices is smaller than the decay time of the original sonic waves induced by the original speech. It is therefore possible to evoke the Similarity between one's spoken voice and the reproduced sounds emitted from a remote receiver as having a unique relationship in order to establish remote resonance between them. This resonance can then serve as a "vibrator" or "re-transmitter" to allow signals to be passed to either direction as one would ordinarily do for a spatially proximate subject.

Note however the classical Similarity technique is reversed, or at least has its symmetry completed. Usually in classic Similarity occultism, a likeness is used to direct transformational signals to the original. In the modern application, the Similarity principle allows signals to be passed in either direction without bias.

The second observation of note is that when a person is writing, their words as they are typed are stored in their short-term memory as a buffer for a brief period. For live typing exchange protocols available on the internet, the words are reproduced remotely in a typically brief period of time. If the time of reproduction, or telecommunication lag, is sufficiently small the words reproduced on the screen have an exact similarity to the words in the short-term memory of the typist in a uniquely related way. Since context and semantic information are also preserved, this prevents idle and random texts becoming resonant distantly. The maximal time allowable for this lag is the short-term memory's decay period. If this condition is met, the Similarity between typed and written text can serve as a "re-transmitter" for establishing a condition of remote virtual resonance and phase induction.

II. Training Exercises.

  • Visual Trainer

For a modern person, the most familiar type of similarity available to them is that of the photographic kind.

Achieve [the Fundamental Operating Mode] and practice resonating the picture and yourself.

This is done by first FOM and linking with yourself. Remember that in FOM you are in an objective state of mind. It is no different than looking at yourself in the mirror, only the mirror here is your mind.

Then link by FOM with the picture. Then you will have to practice achieving FOM with both simultaneously.

Then make a audio tape with your voice. As a suggestion pick a book and read ten minutes of an easily pronounced text into it. Don't worry about stumbling over your own words, since any stuttering will form part of the effective unique signature of your voice. Try to pick something with ordinary patterns of conversation.

Then play it back and FOM with the taped recording, concentrate on the sounds and the disturbances of the air. Then read the same passage aloud and FOM with the sound of your own voice. Then read the text aloud and play the tape more or less simultaneously and FOM with both simultaneously.

Take your text and read it silently, but concentrate on your mental voice. Then read it and FOM with the text as a series of written words. Here you will have to practice dual mode operation. Now read it with your mental voice and FOM with your mental voice at the same time. It’s a little like talking and riding your bike at the same time, the most awkward thing is thinking about it. It's easier if you just do it without dwelling on the logistical difficulty of it.

Then take a computer word processor and practice typing the text on the screen while mentally voicing the words. Then FOM while doing it, both with the words on the screen and your mental voice.

You didn't realize it, but if you did all of this you just did a ritual. A ritual is just an external semiotic algebra that allows someone to learn the proper mental states in order to perform an extended subtle dynamic relation solution calculation.

Next you have to learn to exteriorize or 'project' your thoughts. It's not that hard, really. You just take the FOM and basically reverse it. By study or introspection of the nature of thought, you now having experience with how the subtle perception of a thought "looks like" try to think of the subtle form of a physically realizable thought, such as "Hey I'm looking for you, where are you?". You then achieve FOM and let your mind FOM with the target's subtle form as esoterically perceived and FOM with the thought pattern's subtle form at the same time. You just relax and let your mind "flow" or adapt itself naturally into the 'thought form'. There is no control, no demand, no force exerted. If you try your mind will lock up or become stiff and rigid. That's it, you just relax into it by a natural flowing process, and then if you've done it right there will be a reciprocal local quantum resonance that becomes an emitted signal.

Now what's hard is to try to send a signal to someone who is not trained and looking for your signal right then, over distance or past barriers such as allot of people that create natural background noise from their thoughts. But now, instead of trying to FOM with some person's pattern which is very complex and changing all the time, you FOM with the pattern of your own words as they must be reproduced on the other end of the line through phone or internet connection.

Bingo, doing that's very simple.

If you think about how hard this is, it will be hard. On the other hand, even a newbie can learn enough of this method to do it in just a few hours. Really. If you concentrate on how unskilled you are or how much you don't know, you'll become preoccupied and be unable to achieve FOM. On the other hand if you just DO IT, then you will suddenly realize that you only need to match a tiny tiny bit of information to information to produce a resonance that can have a noticeable and even observable effect.

Do it, don't think about it. Think about it before, or afterwards.

Conversation requires dual channel mode cognitive thinking. You have to be able to think about your conversation like normal, and split your resources to dedicate some to do the necessary FOM to achieve resonance and remote phase induction. Remote phase induction requires a bit more guidance, as one has to establish a second order FOM correlation- one between your internal representations and the other persons so that you will both see the same thing at the same time and have it react the same way in "astral space" or the sensory virtual reality.

Setting up a controlled VR experience with FOM is outside the scope of these instructions. You'll just have to get it from Dominic or rely on previous training or wait until I have time to write up the technical specifications.


  • The fundamental operational mode (FOM)

What is the Fundamental Operational Mode? The Fundamental Operational Mode is the active kernel that makes all conscious interaction with general reality through information manipulation possible. For all intents and purposes, being able to achieve the FOM is what makes all cigam or metaphysical action possible. If a person were to just master the exercises above on remote resonance and virtual phase induction, and also the FOM, then they theoretically would be able to go on and by elaboration and application master all of classical thaumaturgy and theurgic magic in any system from any time period or culture. That's how important the FOM is.

Without exaggerating a great deal, one could go so far to say that being able to operate the FOM at will one could say is the basic defining difference between a magician and a 'normal' person. Basically, the FOM is how you do magic. Of course knowing just the FOM would not make a person a very good metaphysical operator and the range of applied abilities would be very narrow, but nonetheless it is interesting that something so important could both be so simple to summarize and so difficult to achieve.

The FOM itself is simplicity in its very essence, if it were not, it could hardly play such a fundamental role. The difficulty is that it involves mental attitudes and actions, such as critical thinking, that are quite foreign to typical human mindsets. Indeed, the major problem is that people are generally so incredulous that something so simple could be so crucial; so loath to give up notions of personal importance in the universe, that they would rather adhere to just about any crackpot idea in order to avoid that necessity.

Yet it is so effective, that it speaks entirely for itself. Rather than continue elaborating, here proceeds a discussion an series of instructions for one way to achieve the FOM. It is not the only way by any means, but once acquainted with the rationale behind its operation any reasonably intelligent person could learn to see the true purpose behind the typical sort of instructions in any tradition given to any neophyte and rather than blindly following them now be able to apply them to their case as discretion requires. A useful set of instructions suitable for a beginner is contained within Bardon's "Initation to the Hermetics" which as a text is totally inscrutable unless one understands the underlying subtext, and then it is completely obvious.

Proceeding from the general rationalization presented in the general Introduction, it is clear that if there is a consciously accessible information connection to the wider universe it already presents signals of background noise to intelligent creatures. Thus the first step to learning operational remote resonance is to lower the internal thought to received signal ratio in the information processing centers. Thus the first step in learning remote resonance operation is Sensory Deprivation. In the beginning it may be beneficial to do this by modifying environmental conditions, but ultimately the goal is for the operator to develop simultaneous dual mode operation. Dual mode operation means to be completely able of interacting with the outside word in a normal fashion while separately processing signals of a purely remote transmission nature.

The first step to understanding this process is the realization that sometimes the interior thought processes serve no useful function. Normal mode processing of cognitive thought has useful purposes, and serves to establish the conscious experience of the operator. However, even innocuous normal mode process cognition can serve as a very large distraction or disruption to metaphysical mode cognitive processes. At the heart of many magical practices therefore are exercises designed in order to quiet the mind. By quieting the mind, it is meant that normal mode processing activity is diminished to minimal levels and they are de-emphasized as the basis of operation.

At the very start therefore, a person must be able to at least temporarily detach their perspective from egotistic concerns and realize at once that their beliefs, personality, and the contents of their consciousness which are so important to their personal experience of reality are not the basis for altering it. This does not mean that they lose their personality or cease to act from personal motives. Rather they realize that the best way to achieve their motivations is to disentangle themselves from the subjective perspective and to view them as goals to be objectively achieved. The satisfaction of emotional cathartic release from the beginning is entirely apposite to the actual goal and process. Emotion may strongly motivate someone, and propel them to heroic efforts, but emotion itself cannot achieve metaphysical operations of a remote nature.

This idea is in stark contrast to typical ideas forwarded both by practitioners and by cultural anthropologists studying shamanic or priestly behavior. This is because it is well known that people very poorly assess their own cognitive states and processes in general. A person is just as likely to say that they did something because they were angry, as to realize that they may have reacted to a situation and then became angry about it. Man is a rationalizing animal rather than a rational one most of the time. As for professional inspection, it must be realized that most of these inspections have occurred of troubled persons who seek psychological comfort through the action of ritual or of professionals practicing overtly social rituals which are rightly analyzed in a psychological fashion for patterns of group neurotic catharsis.

These modes of thinking are far and away from the calm, slightly detached, but intensely attentive attitude of the professional who expects to get on with the job and perform their task for some appointed goal. In fact the mental disposition necessary is not unique to cigamic ventures and may also be found in various religious mystical disciplines such as Zen Mahayana Buddhism, Varjya Tantric Tibetian Buddhism, Archery, Fencing Schools from around the world, and Martial Arts disciplines. Highly developed athletes or warriors often call it the "zone" or the "zen" or the "groove" when personal consciousness is subsumed into total concentration upon the task at hand.

These other disciplines often prove a helpful addition to the training of the FOM of the metaphysical professional (MP) but they in themselves do not clearly lead to mastery of the FOM. This is because all the disciplines above develop the highly advanced mind set based primarily on Sensory Perceptions of a corporeal sort. While specialists in these fields sometimes confess to operation on a level that transcends the known five senses and involves a "sixth sense" or extends their operation into a domain of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) this is the exception rather than the rule. An MP begins where they leave off. All of which tells you why training in such fields can be helpful in an elementary way, why it is insufficient for any significant progress in mastering the FOM.

So how does one cultivate specifically the FOM? The key is realizing that the FOM and relates modes of cognitive activity utilize the same neural and synaptic processing system that ordinary thoughts and sensations do. The ability to perform FOM is not itself due to a different neurological structure or gross biochemical shift. It is created by reorganizing in different relations the ordinary mental processes of persons in a very adaptive way.

The key to developing Extra Sensory Perception is therefore Sensory Deprivation. This is because initially the internal awareness cannot distinguish readily information derived "extra" sensory and sensory sources. It's just information, there is no automatic distinction in processing. It is only a development of operational convention at the biological level that the different centers of our brain do not mix sensory signals. Indeed certain drugs, injuries, or conditions will lead to synesthesia and this ability to reroute information to be processed by different areas of the brain is a feature of advanced FOM operation.

Persons who are "psychic" are merely those with some trait that predisposes them toward being able to more or less instinctively perform this rerouting. But the condition is suspect, because this redirection of mental signals can also be characteristic of the confusion or hallucinations that arise in mental breakdown. The partition of sensory processing from ideation in human brains gives them a certain robustness to mental shocks or conditions which might otherwise confuse them unduly. This indicates that while it is conceivable that clairvoyance as a trait could develop as a characteristic of Homo Sapiens that it is at least not at this time highly selected for, which probably accounts for the relative rareness of the trait.

However this greater flexibility in the internal ordering of mental processing, does not by itself create a necessary and sufficient cause for the FOM. When an initiate enters into a state of sensory deprivation, either by environmental regulation, or by meditative focus they are effectively diminishing the signal activity of their own thoughts. They do this in the hopes of shifting the focus of internal processing capacity to external information signals that are constantly extant in the environment due to macrocosmic fluctuations at the fundamental level of physical information processing in living intelligent systems.

Then having freed the ordinary reserves of processing from typical sensory and cognitive tasks, they are free in order to devote themselves to understanding and manipulating these background information flows. Essentially, the "ether" as it exists can be understood as a primitive human model of the experience of quantum fluctuations that are occurring at the fundamental level that their own consciousness and intelligence has its roots at. Once this is understood, several classical claims about the nature of consciousness and the physical universe have their basis revealed. They were not correct, but they held the kernel that down past the level of conscious inspection, that awareness, sapience, sentience, and intelligence were built out of the fundamental building blocks of how the universe handles information in general. As always when contemplating the elegance and simplicity of nature, one is reminded of the maxim – waste not, want not.

To make a metaphor, if we were to build artificial intelligence into silicon and metal life forms in their own right then it would not be very surprising that they would more or less automatically receive signals into their structure perceived as noise. This noise would be generated by nothing other than ordinary electromagnetic radiation, because the very components of their structure at a fundamental level would serve to act as materials that would naturally absorb and transmit radiation in the form of waves. Every microchip in the "brain" of such a creature would have to shield or screen out noise created by the antenna reception properties of its own wires, just as modern electronics engineers now have to deal with them. When I turn on my computer, my radio sitting next to it automatically has an audible increase in static. And though I cannot readily see it, the reverse is true – microwaves generated by human activity are causing noise in the circuits of my computer.

If one were to make an intelligent life form that processed information using a physical model which depended on its basis as quantum information exchange, it would only be natural to expect that background processes would then bleed into the system.

However human beings are highly unlikely to do this spontaneously. Normally these macrocosmic signals are perceived as noise or infringing impositions upon a person's normal modes of thought. It is an unusual person who can learn to regard their own thoughts and experiences as noise that gets in their way of receiving direct information about the external universe. It is therefore Self-Consciousness that is the enemy of achieving the FOM. A preoccupation with the self is not wrong, it merely prevents the freeing and rededication of resources to information non-intra-mental flows.

However, most people associate the egotistic frame of reference with consciousness in general. "Cognito, ergo sum." This is why in many magical practices, and in the modern movement of Chaos Magick, the nullification or disordering of consciousness is seen as the key to making operational metaphysical processes succeed. When the self-consciousness is associated identically with consciousness, then only methods such as sleep, drugs, orgasm, etc. that otherwise distort or render consciousness nonfunctional can free the necessary cognitive resources in order to reallocate them to metaphysical functioning.

The last barrier that needs be mentioned is that people cannot bring themselves to believe that an antenna can serve as a transmitter as well as a receiver. Many people can conceive and accept that external signals can penetrate their internal mental world. However, from experience and culture persons are taught that the mind is only a passive receiver of information and its only outlets for transmitting signals are those of a personal biological manner- speech, gestures, etc. However, in understanding the fundamental nature of intelligence once must at once appreciate the symmetry involved because the physical universe itself has no bias in either direction. Information signals could just as easily bleed out into the environment as they could be received, if cognitive activity were generated that produced reciprocal quantum fluctuations.

It is calculating these synaptic patterns and producing them that forms the kernel of active FOM transmission. This requires a rather high level of neural tissue activity, and burns calories. This expenditure of metabolic energy gives the illusion to the individual sometimes that their personal direct effort has resulted in the physical changes they observe. This is a faulty if understandable conclusion, but even a order of magnitude calculation reveals that the actual amount of physical energy expended is far too small to create even the smallest of proposed effects. This is the difference between the analogy of the radio and the brain, because the radio really does generate waves which carry away electromagnetic energy in the form of photons. The effect which produces quantum information transfer is much more indirect and subtle.

The training of the FOM then can be stated into several simple steps or goals.

  • Through sensory deprivation, the operator learns to distinguish and perceive natural background signals.
  • Through meditative practice, the operator learns how to purposefully allocate cognitive processing.
  • By philosophical and mental development, the operator learns how to attain a mode of consciousness that is not focused on self-consciousness.
  • By study and mimicry of the perceived signals, an operator learns how to generate transmitted signals.
  • By carrying out a study of causality, reality, and physical systems an operator learns how to identify certain principles and properties of gross reality with the subtle emanations that he experiences.
  • By experimentation and design, the operator learns how to perform mental calculations to generate reciprocal signals that correspond to real systems present in the environment.

(See Cognitive Topology/Homeomorphism Theorem)

  • By producing models of the subtle-gross interaction, the operator can produce artificial forms that are not usually or probably realizable but still consistent with nature and then communicate them with physical systems that then manifest the artificial form.

What the mind can understand therefore is the limit of what the mind can manipulate. For the MP knowledge truly is power. But only knowledge that is carefully studied and linked to an active understanding of subtle perceptions. Only this knowledge can be transmuted into direct realizations. In practice, the human mind can only grasp certain very simple or specialized patterns with ease. Advanced exercises involve a great deal of expanding this repertoire

These idealized functions and patterns based upon models of reality and a study of gross-subtle interactions are called in the cigamic parlance "spell-keys". They allow the mind to model the necessary subtle reciprocal to the principle that governs the gross physical process in question. From a subjective point of view, each "spell-key" or Dynamic Subtlety Relation Solution represents a concentrated understanding of both the abstract principles that govern the physics of the phenomena AND the subtle perceptions of it into a singular transcendent epiphany. This process is sometimes referred to as a "satori" or sudden realization, an insight, or "light bulb going on" moment.

The role of ritual can then be understood at several levels. At one level, and the most useful one in a practical sense, the symbolic elements represent and carry information in the same sense that an abacus helps a person to add numbers. By carrying representational information that is consistently treated by operations the ritual is effectively the external semiotic algebra that produces an answer in the same way an algebraic solution produces a number. Each ritual represents the calculation of a particular solution to the Dynamic Subtlety Relations in question that the operator wishes to manifest or fulfill. Like an abacus is just a human powered calculator that assists in making complex or extended numerical calculations, the ritual serves as an semiotic algebra that can be formulated into an algorithm in the same way that the Pythagorean Theorem is universally invoked in Euclidean Geometry by generation after generation even if most of the participants could not prove the original relation.

At an experimental level, the ritual provides something for a person to do. People who are self-consciousness when "idle" can lose their self-consciousness in the performance of a concrete task. The gross motions of an external semiotic algebra allow a person to calm themselves and become totally involved in the process, freeing their cognitive attention to the necessary perceptions and mental difficulties rather than by being preoccupied with the emotional reaction to them.

Remember, that persons are not ordinarily born with a automatic ability to willfully perform these mental operations of subtle perception and communion no more than a person is born automatically predisposed to writing or mathematics. Until a person becomes adept at performing these mental tasks, and clearly perceiving them, it is necessary for them to "count on their fingers and toes" because this concrete operation allows them to associate the unfamiliar abstract cognitive function with something very familiar and that can be manipulated in analogous operations.

Here then is an elementary exercise to assist the first step of sensory deprivation and subtle perception. After the operator has achieved that, a little effort or guidance will lead them to invent the necessary steps to realize the others. In fact, once the underlying principles are understood to prevent mindless mimicry many of the traditional prentice exercises can be adapted to MP initiate training.

  • The Achievement of Subtle Perception

As was noted the key is at first to reduce the allocated internal processing to sensory and personal thoughts. This can be done most easily by sitting comfortably in a dimly lit quiet room and expanding one's awareness to first include the environment, and then allowing to become desensitized to it. At this point the mind will attempt to generate internal mental activity to maintain cognitive homeostasis. The initiate MP must simply relax and lightly focus on the realization that their mental processes are deeper than their self-consciousness and by patient joy, comfort, acceptance, and relaxation allow themselves to simply float or drift further and further "down" into the fundamental root level of their consciousness.

If the initiate MP reaches a certain resistance, then it is because of residual generated activity of a consciousness that will not readily release absorption with self-consciousness and a personal focus. The key at every step is to broaden the focus and to see one's self in a objective, calm, slightly detached mode of thought and to bring one's self to accept the idea that if one does not attempt to constantly attempt to fill the consciousness with information to process that it will cease. It's a little like letting go and free falling. A person will never be able to do it if they are uptight and keep a strict limit on the forms they will allow their consciousness to adapt itself to. Sometimes persons at this stage describe it as the "clear light of the void". It is different from hypnosis in the sense that while strict personal control is released, it is released to an internal "collapse" of consciousness rather than an external expansion to include an external suggestive operator.

The mind becomes transparent like weightless water or unreflective glass with no mass, and thoughts become as clear light passing through it - though smooth darkness is as perfectly natural a state. And if one is merely patient and "passive" in this state, then one will become aware of light and shadow in the play of the consciousness which does not have its source from within.

At this point, the novitiate often is tempted to jump in and project a meaning or interpretation to the newly perceived esoteric signal of extra sensory perception (ESP). This almost immediately destroys the state of FOM. What is needed is calm patience. This is because the mind will immediately start to generate internal and personal information to assign to the new perception. This cannot lead to novel information incorporation in the mind.

Contrast Piagetian accommodation with assimilation.

What is necessary is patience and calm and gentle self-adaptation. If the operator will allow it, they can release "control" to the signal partially and what will happen is that a part of their own thoughts will naturally shape itself to the form of the external signal and produce a reciprocal internal mental representation. This is why it is so important to advance one's personal mental skills and conceptual understanding and abstract mental skills. The more able and complete and flexible and experienced with the reality the mind already is, then the more able it will be to accurately shape itself to the signal and produce an accurate representation carrying correct information.

Remember that by Sensory Deprivation, at first the usual environmental toning down of sensory inputs is meant. Later on, a person with dual channel mode ability can walk and talk and do ordinary activities while performing cigam. But even an advanced person when doing a particularly difficult mental operation will tend to "blank out" or "stare out into space" as they become totally absorbed into the internal mental calculation. It’s not as if they've lost their sight, the visual information is still coming in- it's just that it's been bumped to a much lower priority of processing. This results in the infamous concentration or "blank spells" (in the sense of periods of time) that wizards are prone to fall into.

Perhaps now you can appreciate the exquisite subtlety and understanding necessary to perform the necessary mental calculation to produce a signal that over the distance of years and thousands of miles and millions of almost indistinguishable minds without even every having even heard your voice or met you… then to produce a resonance that would lead your mind to a very specific thought in a very clear and non-intrusive way. What you just experienced as "just knowing that you were Summoned", the method of causing your mind to 'spontaneously' carry a representation with that information, was the work of a lifetime and crafted with the care and beauty of an artisian.

Remember, sensitivity, adaptation, clarity, the transcendence of the personality and ego as the focus of the consciousness, patience, and adaptation are the key. You change the world by changing yourself. All external control is manifested by self-control, whether of a gross or subtle form. Always remember that.

The Quantum Fluctuation Calculation Model

By Ngoc-Loan P. Nguyen © 2003 All rights reserved.

Can you explain the quantum fluctuation calculation model, and maybe what branches of quantum physics I'll need to study to understand it?

What you've asked is a difficult thing. The fact is that it isn't in any one location, seeing as it is something that will only be discovered completely by human science in the course of more advanced development.

The pieces can be studied however. I will lay out a general overview of the topic.


The fundamental assertion of quantum mechanics is that all macroscopic phenomena are the result of statistical aggregates of microscopic interactions whose fundamental nature is probabilistic.

More simply stated, every observable event is created by the cooperation of many smaller events not observed whose individual results are determined by adjusting the odds of chance.

However, we note that large-scale observable events obey similar phenomenal rules generally so there must be a common set of ground rules governing the setting of odds so that different situations will conform to the same basic rules.

By plotting out numbers of discrete events one can then determine patterns - often called functions, equations, or laws of physics - describing how relations between large-scale observable variables govern results.

These are often called the laws of physics, and the feature of their ubiquity is attributed to an "implicate order" imposing a common set of ground rules over small scale chance events so that in every inertial reference frame the large scale results are consistent.

That's the basis of relativistic quantum mechanics.

The important thing however is to realize that:

(1) There must be a universal "machinery" constantly producing moment to moment the chance events and setting the odds on them in order to produce the apparent large scale reality.

(2) This implicate order must be operated on information exchanges of a pure and active type*, because of the restrictions governing matter and energy preventing them from being the basis in quantum mechanics of this continual universal lottery "machine".

(3) For there to be consistency between distant results as demanded in the physically observed EPR paradox [1], there is a requirement of some type of indirect continuous information exchange between local events in order to keep the book keeping of the universe so that all local results are consistent with general "laws" or patterns. This is the so-called "hidden variable".

(4) Odds and probability are descriptive and not normative. That is one determines the statistical frequency of events by measuring them empirically, and then deriving equations that mathematically describe those patterns.

(5) If something were to perturb the "universal lottery machine" cranking out chance events and setting odds at a local level, then there would be nothing stopping a "statistical fluctuation" from occurring that produced a large scale event deviating from the known laws of physics. The laws of physics are only absolute from a "top-down" perspective.

(6) The human brain is in fact based bio-molecular information exchanges at a "machine level" that are based on fundamental quantum calculations [2]. Human consciousness is an entangled system with its higher consciousness (high level language) rooted in and created by its "machine level" bio-molecular substrate, creating an entangled hierarchial system. [3]

(7) Containing within itself the implicate order and possessed at a "machine level" of quantum computing bio-molecular capacity [4], the human brain is capable of making computations that result in "executables" and "information requests" on the "universal lottery" machine and passing through the "subspace" interaction layer of quantum information exchanges (QIE) that update the universal book-keeping.

(8) While this is a theoretical possibility, it would be impossible for human consciousness in order to directly handle the huge number of abstract computations involved.

(9) However it is known in the case of savants that extraordinary human beings are capable of calculating incredibly fast results of a specific limited nature. More generally, many people can throw a softball or basketball. Despite the fact that it would take a very fast computer to completely model all the variables involved, ordinary human beings have built in operating system "software" that allows them to learn this task intuitively in many varying conditions all the time, more or less "automatically".

(10) It is possible to develop processes that teach ordinary human beings through exploring their consciousness and developing control over its high level operation, to gain access to the fundamental layers of its "machine" operation and alter the dedication and allocation of resources using biofeedback techniques. This is the basis of the FOM kernel, traditional alchemy, etc. type processes.

(11) Using these processes, an individual can use "high level language" symbols in order to order to order quantum calculation processes in a similar way as to how a human being learns calculus in mathematics in order to organize many more basic mathematical features or a martial artist learns how to apply a kata in a fluid situation.

(12) These processes once under control can be used to transmit or receive information exchanges through the "hidden variable" or "subspace" layer of QIE. By writing a "virus" to insert commands once one has learned the "assembly language" of the particular 'hardware' of the "universal lottery machine" in question, one can insert alterations into usual calculation of chance protocols and cause deviations in statistical ensembles.

(13) By altering the odds in the local universal "machinery" producing large-scale reality, one can produce apparent local violation of physical law or act on information not usually available.

(14) Helpfully, evolutionary biology has already disposed a minority subset of humanity with some degree of abilities to either introduce changes into their environment (psycho-kinesis, etc.), access data queries (clairvoyance), or recognize higher order but remotely linked patterns (synchronicity, augury, etc.).

(15) This ability might be compared with the nascent techno-artistic ability of current homo sapiens when it first emerged in the evolutionary time scale - some several hundred thousand years ago or more.

(16) The development of the extraordinary abilities is an important signpost, but it is not in fact the primary benefit of such an evolutionary development. The primary benefit is the increased ability to perform information calculation on one's general environment using "high level language" operations, thus becoming "smarter", more perceptive, long sighted, and in general more sapient and sentient. These include the abilities to recognize and synchronize with chaotic and non-linear systems, to induce or retard self-organizing criticality, etc.

(17) In addition the ability to reorganize one's self at a fundamental bio-molecular operations level allows a person to restructure - even radically alter - their state of brain operations and thus control their consciousness in a feedback loop. Increased improvements to the design architecture of the operations level produces increased high level processing capability which in turn can design and regulate the substrate better. Human beings are no longer the "victims" of their own consciousness, being able to alter it even as present cosmetic technology and nascent genetic technologies may allow them to alter their physical forms.

The particular topic of the quantum fluctuations model has to deal with relating the "hidden variable" aspect of the QIE with the bio-molecular brain substrate, and showing that the entangled hierarchy can produce high level symbolic calculations that lead to coherent QIE subspace fluctuations ... and that in fact, background QIE fluctuations are occurring all the time and more or less bleeding in and out of the human neurological system as "noise".

QIE fluctuations are as common as light, and learning to focus them to achieve even limited tasks is as rare and difficult as synchronizing light to become a laser.

A Theory of Quintessence

By Ngoc-Loan P. Nguyen © 2000 All rights reserved.

Let us propose a theory of quintessence or vitality, and then the capacity to store information will be clarified.
1) Suppose first of all that there is no 'general spontaneous generation'. Lifeforms (generally) proceed from other lifeforms.

2) Suppose second of all that the basis for lifeforms is matter and energy arrangements from ordinary substances and interactions in the environment.

3) Suppose thirdly that organic life proceeded from natural processes in the environment (and then proceeded through evolution to change).

4) Suppose fourthly that when we look around we can agree generally that some things are living and others aren't with all the usual understood properties of such.

All postulates shall be referred to as p#.

We are left to conclude then an 'original' or initial spontaneous generation of organic life. This is standard with the current understanding of the origin of life on earth. This 'original spotaneous generation' because of p2 and p3 must have had its potential in ordinary matter and energy. Because of  p4 we can say however that their is no apparent *outright* or easily discernable behavior property of matter and energy that makes it inevitably generate life.

We are left to conclude then that ordinary matter and energy must have some 'subtle' properties, that under certain conditions (p3 or p1) leads to life or (p4) lose the animated property of life.

However, because we have assumed that we are nothing 'special' (p2) then *all around us* presently matter and energy must contain the properties 'invisibibly' that lead to life. This is despite that ordinary matter and energy are externally possessed of no such clearly apparent properties (p4).

Since life can be characterized by animation, sensation, awareness, intelligence, etc. in varying states of evolution (p4) but that these must arise from their basis (p2) then we can conclude that these "hidden" or emergent properties must be implicit as potentials already in matter and energy even though they are nowhere to be seen obviously (p4).

We shall call these hidden or subtle properties of materia the 'quintessence'.

Since the ordinary human is composed of ordinary matter and their life, animation, and intelligence is said to be derived from the fundamental potentials of the ordinary quintessence in all things (p2) then we may hypothesize that instructions or directions may be generated and communicated through these hidden potentials transmitted through the environment.

I eschew all current particular theories of such transmission - ether, vibration, geomagnetism, morphogenic fields, etc. which as models of this "energy" or "vitality" operation have been discredited. However, they may have certainly contained a grain of truth. Just because some men once thought the sun orbited the earth, doesn't mean that their perceptions were baseless. Just misunderstood and misinterpreted by them and others.

From here one may develop general postulates. Since we note in organic animation that the laws of physics are observed, but that willful action takes place underneath the organizing principle of what we call here quintessence ... one may postulate that emitted or tramsmitted signals may trigger psuedo-animated manipulations of the environment
from the hidden potentials for animated action universally present. Likewise they would obey the general laws of physics but manifest themselves as observed probabilistic alterations in the environment.

This includes all speculations regarding the operation of 'telepathic' type experiences.

In the ancient grimoires this would be known as the level of knowledge of Sepher Raziel. Human beings according to the writings are capable of an even higher level of knowledge (Sepher Adam/Enoch) that allows for more radical transpositions of matter and energy.

This should answer the root of all your questions posed. Much more serious work of course would be required to develop something consistent or useful out this mess. Afterall, a human being is evolved to expend their vital efforts on continuing their organic existence - not expend themselves on exterior quintessence manipulations.

A Mathematical Look at the Tree of Life

Copyright 1999 by Ngoc-Loan P. Nguyen

  jth column
i 0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11
t 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12
h 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14
r 4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15
o 5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
w 6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22


Let A(i,j) denote the component of the matrix at the intersection of the ith row and the jth column.

The matrix is defined by:

A(i,j)=A(i-1,j-1) if i,j >=1 and =< 22 for A(i,0)=i and A(0,j)=j for i,j=0,1,...,11.

Or in other words by creating an addition table for numbers zero through 11.

Then for any combination of pairs two numbers where the two numbers add to 11 denoted A~B such that A+B=11 we have...



must have the following properties.

Given: C+D=E+F=11.

A) Then (C+E)+(D+F)=22.

B) The cross diagonal of the matrix that has the value (C+E) will always be symmetric to the cross diagonal that has the value (D+F).

i.e. for 8~3,7~4 (8+7)=15 which is cross diagonal to (D+F)=7.

C) Furthermore for absolute value denoted by |" "|, |D-E|=|C-F|.

D) The value in C) should solve to be exactly one half the value of |(C+E)-(D+F)| for all cases of the table.

E) The value (C+E)-(D+F) will become negative for certain values allowing differentiation between position reversals.

F) If a cross diagonal has uniform value N such that N=<11 then that cross diagonal has N+1 components. If a diagonal has uniform value N>11 then that cross diagonal has (22-N)+1=23-N components.

If we take the all C,E values to be Ascencion values of sephiroth locations on the TOL, and D,F values from the Lightning Flash values of the sephiroth TOL...

Ascenscion Lightning Flash
    10          1
  8   9       3   2
  6   7       5   4
    5           6
  3   4       7   8
    2           9
    1           10

Where for any valid ordered pair to represent a valid sephiroth we insist that the sum of the ordered pair (A,L) has the property A+L=11 for A,L integers and A the Ascension position value and L the Lightning Flash position value.

We then have a way of generating values from D) relative to the position ordered pairs of tree positions.

If we take the classical hebrew letters and assign them to the value in E) that represents the difference or relation between the sephira that the hebrew letter is traditionally supposed to between.


'Vau' is between Chockmah and Chesed (Kircher Athansius's Tree of Life diagram).

Chockmah's ordered position pair is (9,2).

Chesed's ordered position pair is (7,4).

Since the way we defined the position pairs forces the sum of the components to be 11, we can apply the operation '~' defined above in the table.

We then get from 9~2,7~4 the following if we apply E):

(9+7)=16 (2+4)=6 and we find 16-6=10.

Well (9-4)=5,(7-2)=5 and 5+5=10 satsifying condition D).

As a counter example if we took Netzach (4,7) and Yesod (2,9) that would give the operation 4~7,2~9 which leads to (4+2)=6,(7+9)=16,6-16= -10. This is denoted Zade in the Kircher Diagram.

We can then associate the number 10 with Vau as a "neo-gematria" value which is different from the ordinal or past ways of calculating gematria values.

What are the advantages of doing it this way?

I) Ain Soph and what lies "below" Malkuth can be numerically represented.

II) We don't have to memorize diagrams necessarily- gemoetric or position information is captured numerically and carried through consistently through the system.

III) There are well defined mathematical rules for verifying results and carrying out operations consistently.

IV) It requires only simple mathematical rules, which are not arbitrary, but *come* from the symmetry of the magic square table in and of itself. The symmetry preserves information consistently throughout operations.

V) A relation E) between *any* two sephira can be evaluated simply- while at the same time preserving TOL gemoetry while simultaneously freeing one to caculate values or relationships between *any* two sephira rigoroursly which was not possible in previous schemes.

VI) It uses simple magic square "technology" which is perfectly consistent with early occultic and mystical / mathematical diagrams.

VII)There are multiple solutions to a system of equations, leading to bifurcation, equivelences, resonances, and interesting phenomena. Also limiting the solutions to the classical TOL/Gematria regime may have interesting results.

What is the magical use of the above? The Gematria are considered to be the "channels" or relations between the Sephira. Any rigorous mathematical way of calculating them while preserving their TOL geometry allows a person to caculate objective values or relations between those sephira. What particular use or disuse a person puts that to remains up that person.

This is a natural extension of the operation 11 symmetry work I had been doing earlier and gives the "technical guts" necessary to work allot of the comments/papers I gave on TOL and practical magic.


There are a few corrections and expansions I would like to add to my previous message. Please pass these onto the group as I think it will be helpful.

I realized that the definition of the cross diagonals has a typo.

It reads:


It should read:


And there is a very simple definition of the grid I forgot to add. For i,j = 0,1,...,11


Besides this there are advanced definitions and operations one can define to simplify the notation and add analytic ability. You only need simple arithmatic in order to operate the table and get correct values. However, it may not be obvious what is going on or how "geometric" information is stored in that number.

The higher order operations allow one to derive the general case.

For instance let us define the ordered TOL positions C~D,E~F where C&E are the Ascenscion TOL values 0-11 and D&F are the Lightning Flash values 0-11 such that C+D=E+F=11.

Let us define an operation called contraction designated by a ". For an ordered position pair:


A second order contraction is thje ordered pair of two contractions. This is designated by ':'.


Let's do the chart of TOL Sephiroth to geometric position to contraction value to make this clear.

C~D (C~D)"=(C-D)

Ain Soph 11~0 = 11

Kether 10~1 = 9

Chockmah 9~2 = 7

Binah 8~3 = 5

Chesed 7~4 = 3

Guverah 6~5 = 1

Tipheret 5~6 = -1

Netzach 4~7 = -3

Hod 3~8 = -5

Yesod 2~9 = -7

Malkuth 1~10 = -9

Null 0~11 = -11

Note: Some descriptions of the Qlipoth depict as being "below" Malkuth. Others as "shells". If we think of the TOL as a infinite regression pattern (or fractal) it becomes clear that in order to "break through" the "Qlipoth" of the TOL is to pass through Null into the next regression or fractal expansion level of the TOL and understand it at a new level. The Qlipoth prevents you from breaking into the "next level".

If you will notice each sephiroth is assigned to its geometric position a unique number ranging from +11 to -11.

If we take the 2nd order contraction chart for all sephira, it becomes clear that we can write it as an ordered pair of their individual contraction values.

So for a double chart:

C~D (C~D)" (E~F)" E~F
Ain Soph 11~0  11  11 11~0
Kether   10~1   9   9 10~1
Chockmah 9~2    7   7  9~2
Binah    8~3    5   5  8~3
Chesed   7~4    3   3  7~4
Guverah  6~5    1   1  6~5
Tipheret 5~6   -1  -1  5~6
Netzach  4~7   -3  -3  4~7
Hod      3~8   -5  -5  3~8
Yesod    2~9   -7  -7  2~9
Malkuth  1~10  -9  -9 1~10
Null     0~11 -11 -11 0~11

Since each sephira has a unique contraction number I can use that to write it simply write the information about the relation compactly without losing any information.

For instance the relation between Yesod to Hod from the above chart can be written without losing any information whatsoever as.


In addition, if we consider from the previous message the defn. of condition E) That for an ordered pair of pairs (C~D),(E~F) we have the numerical value that somehow reprensented the path as:


Well ...


But we know from above:


So the numerical value of a path defined by the relation between any two sephira can be written as the sum of the contraction values of each sephiroth!!!

If we define the numerical value of a path as N performed by the operation * then it becomes clear that...


So from the double chart above I can write the relational path information as an ordered pair for let's say Chesed to Guverah as the ordered pair of of the contraction values as:


without losing any information. I can prove this by taking the numerical value of the path to be exactly 4 from 3+1=4

which is the addition of the contraction values, and refers back to the symmetry created by the "magic square" matrix A(i,j).

Furthermore I can remove path commutation and say that the path from Chesed to Guverah is not the same as from Guverah to Chesed as:

1:3 as opposed to 3:1

How can we see that it is not symmetrical? Well both have the same '*' operator value, the numerical value of the path we'll call the Magnitude or Conjunction of the Path/Relation between the Sephira.

i.e. 1+3=3+1=4.

So let's define a new operation '_' as the Order of the Path.

For (C~D)_(E~F)= [(C-E),(D-F)] where I just have created an ordered pair designating the difference of the Ascenscion position values and the Lightning Flash TOL values in each position ~ to the one corresponding in the other.

So for Chesed to Guverah on the path 3:1 with magnitude 4:


For Guverah to Chesed on path 1:3 with magnitude 4:


So we could write the equilivence in our notation as:




Intuitively if the first number of the Order is positive, one is "gaining energy" or by going "downhill" to one part while "losing" "potential" to another. If the first number is negative, it "takes" "energy " to go "uphill" while doing so one gains "potential" at the same time.

So the Order of a path could be the called the description of the "energy/potential" exchange going on in the path designated as [E,P].

So the 2nd order contraction allows one to fully derive the magnitude or conjunction value of the path inherent in the operation '*' from the operations of first order contraction " and 2nd order contraction desginated with a colon ":".

The operation "_" allows one to identify the Order or symmetry inherent within the operation of the path X:Y for X,Y taking on the 1st order contraction values for the TOL geometric positions.

The introduction of these further operators are not arbitrary in any sense. They are only useful analytical tools to see or pluck out what is already happening inside the table and the elementary definitions. They also increase general practical usefullness.

But everything is derivable from the inherent structure of the magic square...

A(i,j)=i+j for i,j=0,1,...,11.

What is the practical usage of all this technical mess?

Well firstly, it provides a consistent principle of attribution from a simple set of first principes. Secondly, it provides exactness in calculations.

For instance if I invoke the path 1:3 and characterize it as having magnitude 4 and order [-1,+1], then I know that the counter invocation has to be the invocation of EITHER 3:1=4[+1,-1] OR -1:-3= -4[-1,+1]. That is opposite symmetry, same magnitude or opposite magnitude and same symmetry.

I can also theoretically cancel out certain effects.

For instance if I invoke a conjunction value 4 (some combination of Guverah and Chesed) I can precisely cancel out one of the path values ... either the order [-1,+1] or [+1,-1] to achieve an asymmetrical effect.

In simple language I can effect somebody without having a rebound or backlash or resonance effect on myself.

The path already contains an exchange pair [+ - Z, - + Z] so conservation is maintained and the path has been demonstrated above to theoretically exist.

Or I can purposely elicit "lopsided" combinations of invocations as I please.

Furthermore, cf my "Magic Theory", "Joseph Asked", and "Magick Mirrors, scrying" posts I mentioned my postulate that the Hermetic Axiom can be applied to information generality and provide a hypothetical operation to bridge "mind/body" duality. The exact details of how this would occur were refferred to as a general "Identity" or exact information matching process.

This is an application designed to do exactly that. Supposing that the TOL is more than merely a symbol, and contains a general underlying symmetry of the universe and "mind/body" interactions this makes the above a "thought machine".

One can not only theoretically calculate values, but since the symmetry of the operations exactly mirrors the proposed symmetry that bridges the microcosm/macrocosm technically one could do magic directly in part by merely "thinking" the operations correctly.

Whether that is actually true is something I have not yet determined to my satisfaction yet. But that's what it was in part designed to do. Not merely be a symbolic calculation device, but an "information machine" or "thought machine".

It's an extension of the philsophical statement I've made before: "magic is like a gun" or "magic is like a nuclear device." implying that one doesn't necessarily have to understand how or why it works to a certain extent to use it or give it objective reality.

If the above satisfies those conditions to be an objective "thought machine" then it should be possible to "work magic" without really understanding the full mathematical derivation of the table.

If someone takes the algorithms, memorizes certain values, they out to be able to "crank the machine" and get some objective results out of it.

Certainly this is not the first time this has been attempted. When I first investigated the Dee/Enochian Tables I realized that to a great extent they resemble an analog to an abacus.

I suppose one could imagine a "spaceman" taking pity on some primates and giving an especially bright one an abacus.

However, I was dissatisfied with the design of the "abacus" of Enochian Tablets and wanted to design something from first principles rigorously. Also I'm leery of trusting celestial beings. Heavens have mercy indeed.

In addition, I have learned I Ching, Tarot, runes, glyphs, sigils, etc. and intuitively for some time realized there were some basic geometric and mathematical relationships. But in the case of I_Ching, it's really complex... you have thousands of permutations to work with. In the case of Futhark it's non-linear geometry, and that gives me a headache. I even designed my own complete sigilic system from scratch, and made it work- for other people in general not just myself- of some 47 components just to prove that I could. It was my first step in designing a objective "thought machine".

In the TOL I found a well laid out mathematical/geometric relationship. It just took me a while to formalize it in rigorous mathematical language.

And well, there was that revelation by the ten guys on that council thing but I think I haven't dissapointed them in discharging my mission in that regard.


Beforehand the operation '*' called conjunction whose product was called the Magnitude of the relation or path between two ordered pairs determining TOL geometric position / state was defined as follows.

For ordered pairs (C~D),(E~F) such that C+D=E+F=11 we define '*' such

that: (C~D)*(E~F)=(C+E)-(D+F).

A very easy way and compact way to write notation is to merely use the convetion that the ordered pair or state that the path originates at is written on top and the state that the path terminates at is written at the bottom. This immensely simplifies notation. One can think of it analagously to putting one number on top of another in the normal operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

So (C~D)*(E~F)=(C+E)-(D+F) can be written or computed equivilently as




------ (draw a line underneath them)


for G=(C+E) and H=(D+F)

these are just the components of a conjunction!

So to get the magnitude all i have to do is write one ordered pair on top of another (by convention the originating one is one top) and add down the columns of the ordered pair to get the components of the conjunction! Then I subtract across and can get

(C~D)*(E~F)=(C+E)-(D+F)=M to be written as:



------ (draw a line underneath them)

G-H=M (M=Magnitude of conjunction operator '*')

I can then find the contraction operator (") values by merely subtracting across the ordered pairs!!! This also works out neatly because the sum of the contraction values is always equal to the overall magnitude of the path. So...

(C~D):(E~F)=(C~D)":(E~F)"=(C-D):(E-F) can be rewritten as:



------ (draw a line here)


For V=(C-D) and W=(E-F) and by demonstration earlier we know that V+W=M.

We have also preserved the property that going down the columns one adds the components.

I also defined another operation "_" or the Order or Symmetry of a ordered pair of pairs.


where now instead of adding down the columns I am subtracting down the columns. I can rewrite my table as:




------ (draw a line here)


For X=(C-E) and Y=(D-F) and where I have included the operators (") and (*) in order to emphasis contraction and conjunction. All I have done is subtract *down* the columns of the core ordered pair of pairs and put the result in brackets on top above them to indicate the order or symmetry.

Finally I will define one last operation that i will call the Duality of an ordered pair of ordered pairs in my system and designate by the operator (#).


Where A=(C-F) is the difference in the diagonal and B=(D-E) is the difference in the cross diagonal. I write them as follows:




------ (draw a line here)


For A=(C-F) and B=(D-E).

Where A is written on top next to the C a element in the diagonal from which it get's its value and B is written on the bottom where it is right next to the E, an element of the cross diagonal from which it get its value!

Why have I defined all these operators (*,",_,#)? In a certain sense I don't have to. These operators aren't "arbitrary" they are chosen to reveal an intrinsic or structural symmetries and properties of the table and state function I am working with.

A state function is just a fancy way of saying the states I am working with (the ordered pairs) are determined by a function (C+D=E+F=11) that I am specifying. Thus the states that are allowed (ordered pairs) are determined by a function (R+T=11 for R,T=0,1,...,11).

But by carefully choosing such operators I can make obvious or explicit the implicit nature of the table. It becomes obvious from the above form that it is a SYSTEM OF EQUATIONS. This means that I am not limited to tautological calculations only (only one step within a defined operator in this case) but can SOLVE FOR UNKNOWNS OF A SYSTEM given that I know my state function OR if I have numerical values deduce the necessary state function (R+T=11 is only one option as a state function, albeit the one that determines the prime symmetry of the table, actually any value 0 to 22 can be solved for, as well as i can solve for odd or even numbered sequences of the table diagonals!.)

Let's do an example:

For the normal state function (R+T=11...) I want to calculate all the relevant values between the path of Tipheret (5~6) to Kether (10~1)


+4# 5~6"=1


------ (draw a line here)


So one can say that it has a path 1:9 with magnitude 10 and an Order of [-5,+5] and a Duality of [+4,-4].

But of what use is all this calculation? In order to see that, let's take a look at the Order and Duality. By definition in the state function (R+T=11...) neither Order or Duality will go to zero.

But suppose we take a look at the state function of the table defined as: R-T=0.

Well this only happens for R=T. Suppose we want to calculate the path from a TOL location to itself.

[0 , 0]



------ (draw a line here)


This is in contrast to 8~3 to itself which is under (R+T=11):

[0, 0]



------ (draw a line here)


The latter represents the invocation directly of a sephiroth rather than of a path between two sephira. The calculation of the self-bound path of a state is the same as calculating the values of the state! Referring back to the state function R-T=0 we find this represents the diagonal running from top right to bottom left of the matrix A(i,j)=i+j for i,j=0,1,...,11 or the primary diagonal perpindicular to the cross diagonal where all values are 11.

In fact in particular we find a particular self-bound path for the state 0~0 to itself as follows:




------ (draw a line here)

0- 0*=0

This state if we consider the (R+T=11) state function is closest to:




------ (draw a line here)


and for the path (5~6),(6~5) under all operations.




------ (draw a line here)


So we have a meta state function (R-T=0) and a set of self-bound paths (equivilent to calculating the values for states themselves, implying the existence of "virtual" or "meta" states or sephiroth off the TOL state function itself) whose PATH (0:0), MAGNITUDE (0) ORDER [0,0], and DUALITY (0#0) all come out to zero (0) or some combinations of zero. the only thing that doesn't necessarily go to zero is the components of the conjunction (*) but whose product the Magnitude must go to zero. These metastates are defined by the state function (R-T=0, or R=T for R,T=0,1,...,11) on the table and represent the diagonal values of the table A(r,t) for r=t and r,t-0,1,2,...,11.

In fact these metastates (metastates here being defined as states defined by a state function other than the familiar X+Y=11) form a major symmetry of the table running down the diagonal of the matrix A(i,j)=i+j for i,j=0,1,...,11.

What are these? What is a sephiroth that is not a sephiroth? What is within the TOL but not within the TOL? What is depicted as being in the Middle Pillar symmetry and "close" in the diagram to 5~6 Tipheret and 6~5 Guverah?

Daath. The state function R=T describes the Daath metastates (meta sephiroth) and encapsulates all its values. Therefore nontrivially, the mathematics has predicted the existence and nature of the Daath metastates. Here Daath is not a single "sephira" by a series of metastates running through the whole table. It also intersects the zero of the table and the value 22, the values necessary.

In general it becomes clear that each state function possible within the table defines a non-trivial Riemannian (non-Euclidean) connected metric space whose metric or distance between any two points is defined by the conjunction (*) operator. The geometry of the space is defined by the map one puts on the space, in this case the map of the TOL onto the state function/metric of R+T=11. However it is possible to make other function maps and the mathematical symmetry of the table and the operations will carry out consistent transformations while retaining and preserving geometric information.

This space has a topology defined by the set (0,1,...,11) and has certain properties of the mathematical objects known as groups, monids, and rings which I will not go into detail here. It simply isn't necessary to understand these things to use the devices contained therein.

In short it is an extremely powerful mathematical tool for magical calculations and direct operations (cf Magic Theory) of magic, reduced to elegant simplicity that a grade school student who knew their arithmatic and letters could operate successfully. It is derived entirely from first principles and incorporates the ability to sort in a rigorous useful way letters, numbers, geometry. There is an almost limitless variety of function maps one could use to apply the system.

For instance one will note there are 12 rows and 12 columns (0 through 11). This means there are 144 elements to the table (12 times 12). If we assign the attribute "left handed" to the odd numbers and "right handed" to the even numbers, suddenly we have 72 odd or "left handed" numbers or elements of the table and 72 "right handed" numbers or elements of the table. By assigning properties to them, suddenly we can use the operations and state functions of the table to define a variety of "virtual realms" or collections of the metastates of each metafunction as well as path interchanges or metrics that connect them ... while preserving the original character of our function maps and simultaneously gaining predictive power which can be proved using rigorous mathematical methods from first principles (or assumptions/axioms as you wish to call them). These calculations then correspond to real values within the system if the original map is done properly and can serve to directly carry out operations.

This "thought machine" is not merely another virtual machine, but a machine of machines, and a key of keys, designed to unfold or expand fractacally/infinite regressions. All from the implicit symmetries of a simple addition table or magic square.

What eventual use or lack of use the reader uses this for is up to them ultimately (excepting copyright and publication right infringements). They could use it for a great deal of things within magical theory and practice, or for nothing at all.

I will leave off and shut up and go away with this final thought. One of my most beloved professors told me this paraphrase, which he got from Einstein, and which I will now paraphrase in turn. When you approach the correct theory, it becomes simpler and simpler. This is the goal that I have striven for, to encapsulate an powerful and predictive theory into a compact and elegant and simple formalism literally a child could use.

Loan Nguyen


"Magic Square" A(i,j)=i+j for i,j=0,1,...,11 expanded as:

  jth column
i 0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11
t 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12
h 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14
r 4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15
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Vortices and Angels

A Letter from Ngoc-Loan P. Nguyen © 2002 All rights reserved.



I've interviewed government employees and their families. There are several areas in the United States, most of them on government property -some of them not so like my longest standing area of residence in the US - where they have seen what they describe as fireballs. Or spinning balls of plasma/fiery lightning. They can vary in size. I've seen a fairly large one. Others have reported them based on comparison to backdrops in close ground encounters, as being about the size of a small car.

They can leave visible carbon scoring similar to lightning marks if they pass through or near structures, if you can imagine lightning leaving a straight line streak miles long.

Which is possible, just not likely.

The most reliable photographs and videotapes available of sightings manifest two phenomena. First the light sources can come together and move in synchronized motion. This can create the optical illusion of a large rigid object such as a triangle, a spiraling series of lights on a cigar shape, or a “v” of a winged object similar to how Canadian geese form the outline of a wing, etc. This is compounded by the problem that they do not only emit light but shadow. This is some form of optical interference that can be geometrically projected and in the darkness can form a contrast which seems like the leading edge of a rigid aerial object, especially if seen at night and it is black against darker.

The combined fiery light and projected shadow effect can create several interesting optical phenomena - such as the impression of wings or helicopter blades depending on the distance involved and the balance of light and darkness. If not examined carefully, the optical illusions involved generally can fool the person into thinking it's a black helicopter - the infamous black helicopters of the government conspiracy - or giant spaceships, or whatever.

The closest person to this theory is the correctly but unfortunately stigmatized Dr. Persinger who is a physicist. He still ascribes the activities of UFO's to unintelligent energy phenomena, and this argument is rightly rejected by other scientists as contradicting the known physical facts of certain well-recorded events. It occurs to no one that intelligent phenomena could be associated with pure energy vortexes. A crack between the paradigms that the truth slips through you might say, like asking which eye you should be looking through at any given time.

When they move fast, they tend to flatten out. As for why you only need to examine a few phenomena. Think of the difference between a hurricane and a tornado and a dervish. Think of a potter's wheel. Think of a spinning top. Think of a bicycle wheel.

Imagine a quickly rotating projection into 3 dimensions of a higher dimensional vortex. As it's frequency of 3-rotation increases, the centrifugal force increases meaning the circle of greatest radius about the axis of rotation - the waistline. If the energy volume is conserved, then it flattens toward a spinning disk, perhaps with a bump in the center vortex like a hurricane. That's if you have a simple sphere rotating around a central axis. If you conclude upward transport, so that the surface is spirally moving - any point on the sphere is not only moving around but drifting from one pole to the other (where it is presumably internally shunted back down to the other pole) you have a spiral catenary and then a cigar shape is produced.

Depending upon the frequency of the intrusion into the intrusion into the normal electromagnetic spectrum, the vortex may actually appear opaque - impermeable to optical frequencies of light. A high frequency of rotation would be faster than the human eye could follow, and produce the illusion of a solid undisturbed or quickly spinning object. This may produce the optical illusion of a solid object, and explains why they can seemingly cast darkness. They aren't - they're literally sitting in the optical bandwidth and absorbing those energies from passing through that location. In particular, sightings of opaque vortex 3D envelopes during the daytime have contributed to the explanation of space aliens using technological transport craft.

However, as demonstrated in Egypt before masses, they can appear as flickering dancing spreads of light and shadow about man-sized as well or perhaps smaller. It is probably this scale that makes them most likely to be interpreted as humanoid angelic winged forms.

Which eye?

Persinger has discovered that magnetic stimulation of the brain has been able to reproduce experiences like paralysis, bright lights, the sensation of the presence of someone standing next to you, and the hallucination of smooth gray beings approaching you. However his explanations have been rejected by mainstream physicists because he insists on describing UFO experiences/abductions to random natural fields. These would be clearly insufficient to explain several well-documented events.

But what happens if they're both right, or both wrong? What happens if you had intelligent entrainment of brain waves by deliberate electromagnetic projection by energetic vortices? What's disturbing then is the idea that there is this inherited natural biological machinery in human heads that seems principally designed in order to receive and be controlled by external signals sent to us? That the brain, confused by what it is experiencing and without the ability to categorize it then rationalizes it by producing substitute image-explanations.

"I was physically brought into a ship and anally probed" becomes a hieroglyphic mental recreation of being sucked into an extra-dimensional vortex and electro magnetically stimulated and scanned. "An object was inserted into me allowing them to track me." becomes the mental transliteration of an alteration to one's electromagnetic signature and thus be "tagged" like we would put a radio tag on a wild animal for tracking in the wild.

This would explain why many sincere abductees are abducted in high-rises and the like, without anyone noticing. There's no rule about where electromagnetic vortexes from higher dimensions have to open up. They can intersect our energy-matter locations in space-time by simply moving around obstacles like walls the way we can step around a fire hydrant.

I can read these signatures. The enigmas can read these signatures. Just as dogs are still used to sniff out bombs however, the natural evolutionary endowment I possess has not been matched by bioscan technology of sufficient advancement to detect these alterations. Even if they did, they would probably appear as a random distortion - just the way someone reading a different language perceives it as a random collection of letters because it is neurolinguistically encrypted.

I have also convinced some individuals of great sensitivity to act as living probes for me. They had no idea what they were looking at but quite independently described vortices -one of them a physicist- and envelope type phenomena when using their own senses and after being trained not to anthropomorphically project. I also stimulated their neural centers so the 'abduction' machinery would not be triggered, rendering them immune to the usual illusions cast.

Conservation of Energy

From working and discussing with several physicists (particle, nuclear, and astrophysicists) I have determined that the most likely source if one is still going to believe in conservation of energy is simply the so-called dark matter. Recent results have indicated that it is much more abundant than normal energy by several multiples, and the astrophysicists tell me it is located in gravitational wells with normal matter - namely it is floating all around us rather than being thinly smeared in space. The gravitational and electro weak interactions mean they are bound by gravity which explains their aeronautical trajectories when observed, and the weak force coupling with the electromagnetic force probably disrupts the local electromagnetic spectrum. This would provide the characteristics of the electromagnetic disruption explained above and also explain radiation effects some government samples of encounters have exhibited. The weak force is primarily responsible for nuclear radiation in radioactive elements.

The vortex as previously mentioned is a quite natural phenomenon whenever you have energy being transformed from one form to another under an entropic decay and subject to the exponential decay law. As such it is observed in normal radioactive decay. A higher dimensional intrusion would naturally produce a field envelope of entropic waste energy - like the exhaust heat from an engine- and the conversion-dissipation would naturally generate a vortex in the atmosphere because of convective transport similar to how thunderstorms form tornadoes.

Are they angels?

According to my research and experimentation, there appears to be a shadow ecosystem paralleling our own. It seems to be subject to evolutionary and ecosystem principles, and several species have in fact evolved in order to take advantage of normal matter-energy life forms by crossing the so-called dimensional barrier. The "aliens" or enigmas seem to be merely the highest evolved and most dominant life form - paralleling in para-earth our niche currently here on earth.

It must be assumed from my interactions - and actual conversations with them - that they understand the broad outlines of human society but not the internal experience. Rather like how a scientist can observe gophers or snakes, but not place themselves in the shoes of. As for the conversations, I've seen them "possess" or basically remote control weak-willed humans - sometimes in front of watching groups of normal people - to talk with me. The normal people often remark on how weird that person is. And generally that person is weird, but a sudden possession of privileged information, the ability to display cognitive reasoning and coherence far above the human norm, and of course the physical correlates of remote control activity put it beyond just a normal insane person's ramblings. In addition, I've worked with disturbed and mentally insane people and I know the difference between a sudden bout of lucidity and a sudden onset of greater than human normal intelligence.

From my interactions with them and inferences from cultural references, it can be assumed that they consider themselves highly superior to humanity. From the suggestions in their behavior, I think they consider me barely sentient. Sort of like finding a dolphin who can talk, or a chimp that begins spontaneously writing.

These seem to explain the objective basis for "spirits" that exists. Certainly many rituals and religions are based around thought concepts or internal psychological phenomena that appear as autonomous entities, but this is confused by the presence of critically self-organizing group trends (gods) that manifest in individuals and that the para-entities of whatever evolutionary scale have adapted themselves to be able to stimulate and control some of those personal hallucinatory projections. Typically an ordinary person doesn't really know if they're talking to themselves, a script someone taught them, a manifestation of group life, or stimulation by a para-organism.

It may be through a symbiosis with a para-organism is how revenants and ghuls or lamias and necromantic possession works. My experiments at this time suggest this but are not definitive.

Investigations of cultural records, and my own inherited memories, seem to indicate that they have been around a long time. From testing their ability to make measurements into our dimension they can't see very well in here. This would seem to preclude them playing any sort of creator by design role in human evolutionary history. However, the presence of a mental architecture in the brain that allows them to take control of us indicates that they have bred us rather like we've domesticated dogs and selected them for certain traits.

A small number seem to disagree with the overall policy, those being the aforementioned Micha-el and the Gabri-el and company placing them interestingly enough in the same position as PETA in our political spectrum. Once I made a bad mistake, and they found me and directly tracked me to a safe location. To them we really only appear as basically some readings in an electromagnetic readout so like seals or ants to humans, we humans appear pretty much the same as any other to them unless they modify us. However certain humans like me have a different electromagnetic signature, something I've measured by noting how much I can disrupt a radio-reception antenna only using my personal bio-magnetic field and other similar experiments, and we need to suppress it or they come looking for us. I know this because my area became a UFO hotspot after I began emitting "flares" or EM broadcast spikes - I was looking for others like me - and they began showing up.

They began paralyzing me, and I resisted for some time - it felt like wrestling with an invisible being or "angel". I was also broadcasting a general disruptive EM static that would make it difficult for them to get a proper reading and lock on to me. Nothing to throw off much more than a radio, but certainly obscuring any bio-scans. I was inside a building so it was interesting to see a sub-interstitial vortex bubble forming. They were on the other side, and if I would only stop wriggling and throwing mud in their eyes they'd break through and grab me and pull me through.

Well I thought I was done for, but I had a highly iconographic mental breakthrough because at the same time I'd been sensing them. At that moment I "saw" a highly energetic flux point in the vortex formation. It felt "infinite" to my mind. You see I am able to amplify discontinuous energy discharges. If I am upset and I flick on a light switch, the power surge will often burst out the bulb. I've burned out computer power sources that way at 2 meters or more. Sometimes it's irritating because I can static shock myself from running water. It works as far as I can tell by meddling with the dimensional interface between matter and dark matter. In this case, I sent an amplifying surge into a whole hell lot of dark energy flux. It caused something like the implosion of the "bubble" that had been forming, and a whole hell of a lot of electromagnetic energy was fed into the area. So much so that it created a secondary "air burst" or concussive explosion by riling the local atmosphere and the shockwave from that vortex dissipation caused a 100 million dollars worth of damage. However the location where I was standing at was in the "eye of the storm" and left relatively untouched.

Sometimes I joke about it that I killed a thunder god. Or I call killing para-organisms killing gods if they're intelligent enough. This event didn't happen out of the blue, it had come from years of experimenting on how to interact and kill or remove para-organisms.

A good book on low-level para-organism conflict is Robert Bruce, Psychic Self Defense ... which has almost nothing to do with using psychic powers ... and almost everything to do with the practical zoology of these lower life forms. One thing he mistakes is that the magnetic fields bar these para-organisms ... they merely tend to screen or interfere with low-level senses of these creatures. It would be as if you put an electromagnet in water. It would screw up a shark's natural bio-electric sensing organs through which it can sense the electrical impulses of muscles through water to track fish in the dark.

However, since I basically did the equivalent of a sheep showing enough intelligence to hunt down and kill a human being - the enigmas have shown a lot more of what I would term "respect" toward me.

It's caution at least.

I'll settle for that.

The end conclusion: they're no angels.

What about ultimate truth?

There may be an ultimate reality of a benign caring creator. It simply isn't any closer or further away given what we know of the para-earth. Far too often, para-creatures have been mistaken as spiritual entities. Then again, psychological phenomena have been mistaken for spiritual entities. Perhaps when our consciousness and the energies that empower it dissolve into the chaos of the implicate order; there is some sort of ultimate spiritual reunification and revelation to the cosmos. I'm allot more aware of the levels of my consciousness closer to that implicate order than most people, and the best that I can say is ... maybe ... as in about half and half. The fundamental structure of human consciousness seems to have been built out of the information processing routines of the universe - elegance and simplicity- and insofar as a human consciousness is a fractal then reduction to that state of dissolution may not endanger the ultimate information integrity of the embodied personality and experiences. Some of course will be more robust than others.

I've been studying ghosts, and they seem to be standing waves in information fields with quantum resonance involved. Some of them at least. Others are in fact, strange symbiotes or parasitized para-organisms. There is a species of para-organism that comes along and records or absorbs the psychometric quantum resonance of a human consciousness and then uses it to rather blatantly mimic a dead person's spirit. There's lots of bad crap floating out there. The person really isn't there. It's just the equivalent of the anglerfish, waving its little glowing bob of light so that smaller fish will float up to its big mouth.

There are parts of my consciousness that I am ... not exactly comfortable with. They're like ... formless void or quivering chaos. I remember being that. And then not. And then being me. Or someone else, who is remarkably like me in essence but different in details. You ever wonder what it would be like to be born as someone else? Then have you concluded that it's not possible to conceive of that because all you know is conditioned by this life's conditions? Well imagine actually getting to experience that and having to sort that out ... some several dozen times over.

It's hard to explain. You'd think it'd be easier for having experienced it, but it's not. It's harder to describe it.

It's easier to pass the information along to someone who shares the same or similar genes as you, making ancestral spirits and spiritual reincarnation and Spock's trick of telepathic reincarnation all converge to about the same thing. I have implanted transmissions of selected technical information into several individuals however. It's a little like compressing a file. I didn't tell them that I was doing it, but when they became sufficiently advanced they discovered it and discussed it among themselves before informing me of their acceptance and knowledge. That was surprising. I had just meant that if I had died before passing on my accrued knowledge that it wouldn't die out entirely with me. A dead-man letter so to speak.

There are standards however. Incepting a birth has to happen shortly after conception in order for it to be natural. Anything after that and a unique person begins to develop before you inhabit them. Then you become less a symbiote and more a virus.

There are others like me in existence. One has been around a very long time. I think most people might know him as the Devil. His iconography/heraldry is the snake/serpent and the dragon. He's still making trouble I'm afraid.

Celestial clock

If you were wondering what that whole celestial clock thing is about, it's pretty simple. Once you've cracked the phonemic code, you can basically write memetic viruses and introduce them into the global mental space of the collective unconscious. By redirecting trends you can execute code on individuals or groups. Resetting the celestial clock didn't restart physical time, it replayed and reset cultural time ... the subjective experience of the consensual reality of everyone on the earth. It's not that much different from writing a virus to attack the security loopholes in the Internet. Because all human beings pretty much are exposed to the outside light, everyone on some distant subconscious level coordinates their circadian rhythms to the local daylight. What's not known is that everyone has a smaller internal clock that is set by celestial time. When you write a global memetic virus you have to use this clock to coordinate timing. The quirky symbolic features of the unconscious also modify the timing - a constellation is not merely a spatial grouping of stars but endowed with a semantic content you have to work with. Trying to find reverse correlates to known past profiles of trends that the collective unconsciousness produces - and the feedback between them - is basis for vulgate astrology. High or elite astrology is knowing how to write memetic viruses that can schedule events and coordinate them by the celestial clock.

What dreams may come

You're asking me what I think? This was the gate of horn. You see everyone has this capacity to lucid dream. Nobody practically asks what is it for? Lucid dreaming by itself is fairly wasteful or even injurious. But what about the other way around? What if instead of bringing conscious lucidity to dreams, you brought the dreaming to conscious lucidity? Makes sense? If there is some machinery in the brain that can be activated to merge dream and lucid consciousness in a synchronized parallel over the same neural networks - running two window applications that talk with each other at once - then why can't it run when you're awake as well as when you're asleep?

Then suddenly you would be able to access the global functioning of the brain. Remember the Savant article I showed you? During a dream, your entire brain lights up. The neurolinguistic chains that limit and organize conscious brain activity fall away.

The answer to why not is that during the dream, the pseudo-random firing lights up unused neural connections. Unfired neural connections die off. Connections fired in the same sequence too often, become habituated to locked patterns and lose their ability to learn - their plasticity. Therefore dreaming is essential to higher intelligence function of forgetting, memory, and learning. There are some antelope species that sleep only a few minutes a day. You won't see them solving puzzles however. They're pretty much behaviorally and cognitively hardwired past a certain age.

This means that you can acquire new neural patterns during dreaming. Make connections. Learn. During these pseudo-random firings, the machinery that creates the lucidity/dreaming connection can be triggered. Once someone learns to do it once, they can learn how to do it again in the dream. Makes you think about what other normally inaccessible areas or coordination among brain functions you could learn how to acquire during dreams doesn't it?

But they're trapped in the dream state. Maybe you can learn lessons in dreams, but you can't tap the learning and coordination ability while awake, unless you find the right way through the portal of the gate of horn, and can activate dream consciousness during coherent lucid waking life.

So it's much more likely for someone to learn how to flip the switch one way - by randomly stumbling over it in a dream - then they are to learn how to flip it the other way. This is because waking consciousness is normally much more regimented and people spend a lot of time in the beta or alpha, but mostly beta brainwave state. You have to learn how to take it down to theta or delta before you can synchronize these areas. This produces a subjective time lag, because you are literally slowing down the frequency your brain operates at!!! On one hand, the global activation of your brain means you can do allot much faster and more intuitively. On the other hand, dropping down to the frequency to engage it means that you go into a distant "blank spell". Thus the word “spell”, meaning as in trance.

... sigh. I always want to say so much; it makes me either blurt out a lot of words or talk really fast. I have many things running in my brain at once. I only have one pair of hands or one mouth express them with however. For me this entire conversation/discussion happened at once. It was like a modulated flash of light, that then took me more than an hour to type.


P.S. If you're wondering what the connection between the east and west alchemy and all these heraldic imageries are ... look at the web page for the pedigree for the phoenix and consider that in relation to the exact wording of the emerald tablet and then consider that in relation to the birds/animals in alchemy links I've provided. Alchemy is the same thing as eclipse symbolism, which is the same thing as adept heraldry, which is the same thing as the Tablet of Hermes, which is the same thing as the Sacred Magic of Abramelin in an unabridged form. There used to be a universal system of symbolism and heraldry, harkening back to the premodern history when there was contact between the areas and celestial clocks were used. In the Sacred magic of Abramelin, you ask for physical manifestations as signs. The signs you get are whatever you've programmed your memory palace with. If you work in Alchemy, your unconscious paradigm thinks in symbols of chemical identity - so your released psychic and psychokinetic energy manifests in physical changes there. Phenomenic fusion and resequencing is a form of synesthesia. Writing is basically seeing a sound to connect it to an idea. That's synesthesia. That's why breaking down the pictogram/ideogram barrier helps you reroute your brain. This is because the left temporal lobe and linguistic centers heavily structure the paradigm during waking hours and thus limit brain connectivity. The multiple parallelism your brain gains helps you achieve the transparadigmic state. This allows you to run two different windows at once in tandem parallel - dream and waking. The gate of horn is dreaming in your lucid wakefulness, this is what you're aiming at in order to activate global brain activity and learn how to obtain psychic powers. You organize and train yourself using the hekaloth, which is just a level four memory palace. A level one memory palace organizes past associations. A level two helps you learn, because you connect what you are learning with what you have previously organized as knowledge. A level three MP is getting enough space in your head to run full-scale simulations and therefore learn directly without outside input. This is where Enochian and Ars Notoria are at, except they combine outside data channels through evocation. A level four MP is the hekaloth where you transcend mere simulation, and the simulacrum or Golem becomes so real that it becomes essentially a valid contagion and sympathy channel ... some would speculate even achieves a quantum resonance link through the information field manifolds ... and allows you to directly alter reality.

Sorry if this is allot to digest. This is a glimpse of what it's like to be inside my head, except that things are allot more compressed and run in tandem more up there. I left out how qigong fits into Ars Notoria, so it should be a little more straightforward. Hope it doesn't make you glow too much.

Footnote from a post on alt.magick:

[8] A level one memory palace stores static past associations. A level two memory palace organizes information so that it actually improves learning rates. A level three memory palace allows one to simulate outcomes with complete internal models, and thus allows one to learn with a minimum of outside inputs. A level four memory palace is a Hekaloth and uses intuitive symbolic imagery in order to tap full intuitive and insightful capacities in order to entrain the mental virtual object with reality - and thus send and receive signal inputs through synchronicity. A level five memory palace allows one to fully tap the global functioning of the brain bypassing linguistic constraints.


What are Perception and Will?

By Ngoc-Loan P. Nguyen © 2003 All rights reserved.

In pointing out my examples of why some people have more 'vital energy' than others, my example was flawed. A better one would have been, well we know that two people may have the same amount of bio-metabolic energy. However one goes jogging or goes to the gym, and becomes a better jogger or weight-lifter than the other. The potential for action is energy, so if one person displays more capacity to take such action we must conclude that they have more energy. Yet this energy cannot be exactly of the same sort as the bio-metabolic energy, though it must be related. So by energy conservation we can propose that the bio-metabolic energy is converted into another type of energy - vital energy which is used in directed physical activities over time.

Another correction is that Bardon identifies the corporeal body, the astral body, the mental body, and one I forgot to mention which was the ethereal body, along with the aforementioned soul or spirit.

Also I pulled a fast one deliberately, which I will here justify. In the previous discussion, I derived everything from the postulate of energy and observing it to the world. What was glossed over was the relationship between consciousness and energy, and the definition of consciousness itself. After all, one could argue that while my argument was technically correct the above example could alternatively be explained by "the focus of consciousness/attention" and "will". As in a person used their will to focus their energy into becoming a better jogger and jogging regularly.

However the problem in doing so *in that order* leaves one to postulate consciousness and will *ad hoc*. As psychologists and scientists have discovered, one cannot satisfactorily define or measure consciousness or will per se but only infer it. This is one of the rather glaring flaws in the pseudo-magical approach Tom takes.

While it is intuitive to think in this fashion, and simpler on the surface, it in fact leaves allot of loose ends and postulated entities. This is also the fundamental flaw in the reasoning of Colin Low, he postulates consciousness ad hoc. This is not to say this is somehow wrong, it's just that its unsupported and makes for a poor argument to do it in *that order* and therefore undercuts real understanding.

Okay ... so how to approach perception and will then?

Well I will simply follow my previous line of reasoning.


We noted that there were four types of energy in our hierarchy, and that these energies take on the character of what we can observe them to be embodied within. The substance in which energy is suffused is typically called the "medium" and the character of the energy "storage" may take waves, vibrations, chemical changes, frequency shifts, etc. depending on the character of the medium.

Furthermore continuing with our definition of energy as a potential for action leads us to conclude that the finer or shall we call them *subtle* energies converted from corporeal energy are definitely effected by their function and medium be it emotions, thoughts, or creativity.

Since we have here energies dealing with animated and conscious entities (or so we presume) we need here to invoke new principles. They are not outlandish statements or assumptions. The first is the Copernican principle, which merely states that we assume that there is nothing special happening with regards to us as compared to anything else. It was chiefly responsible for dealing a blow to the terracentric model of the solar system. The next is the classic Occam's razor. If we have the choice between two *equivalent* explanations then we choose the "simpler one" which in classical terms meant choosing the one with fewer ad hoc assumptions.

So we should ask, what is consciousness that it should will? Well we have determined that energy embodied in any form takes on that form's properties. By properties we simply mean that it obeys the characteristic principles of behavior that make that form what it is, so long as it is not converted into taking on another form or medium (an example would be boiling water, the character of the energy can change because the medium itself under duress will change).

But in so having reasoned, we have reasoned that there is some *metaphysical character* to energy. Why is this? Well to be metaphysical means to be "beyond" physical. We note in defense of this that no one can see "pure energy", only in its various embodied forms. (see Feynman's lectures on physics which supports this point if you care to).

Furthermore, being metaphysical it must be governed by a character that allows it connect and be influenced by the physical or material. Likewise, the material must be influenced by the connection of the metaphysical character of energy.

Finally we can say that the connection or influence must have to property of being able to restrain the behavior of energy to the properties of the physical, while at the same time being able to convert or transfer energy from physical form to physical form.

So we can state that every energy has an accompanying translational character.

Can we find evidence of this translational character? Well as it turns out that physicists have discovered non-physical principles which in most cases seem to govern the behavior of energy as it is embodied. These are what are called physical laws, and while not being material in and of themselves, govern the behavior of energy and matter. They are also called natural laws, or the laws that govern the nature of any manifestation of energy.

These are described by equations.

So if all energies have this form of having "natural laws" that govern them and connect them to matter, and we invoke the Copernican principle, then ought not too our "subtle" energies have "natural laws" to govern them? Ought there to be "equations of the mind"?

Why yes. In fact we have a special name for them. We can call them the soul or consciousness.

So every energy having a "natural law" unto it, and our subtle energies having a special character disposed to them by their embodied form, each will have a soul or consciousness that determines its own behavior and limitations with equations that govern them.

However we have yet to explain how these equations of the subtle energies can govern each energy. In physics it is rather straight forward. One writes down the equation and inserts or identifies the energy term. Here since I am dealing with metaphysical extingencies it might seem impossible to write down the exact equations that govern subtle energies because they would necessarily be so complex.

However, this does not daunt me and I note that the most important thing first is to determine the general form of the equation. Obviously with mathematical quantities the process has been streamlined and the form familiar.

Here we must explore the issue. Clearly we need to be able to explain the form of soul or consciousness that a human has. At the same time the explanation must be flexible enough to explain the soul or consciousness of a bouncing ball. So it must contain the human limit, but be applicable to the case of ordinary physical objects.


First we obviously have energy. Second we can call the soul or consciousness the name of sentience here in order to simplify issues.

So we have 1. Energy and 2. Sentience.

There seems an unbridgeable gulf between the two. but wait, I know energy is the potential for action. So also from observation I know that energy can change some things more than others. Yet in other cases I know that energy is resisted or actively counter-posed by internal changes when applied. And there is the trivial potential of no change or change with not noticeable difference also.

These i will all lump into the general category of "Inertia" and "change" being the two possible consequences of action being manifested by energy.

So out of:

Energy we have Inertia, and Change, as well as Sentience. Is that enough? No not really. It's still really quite a leap from Inertia or change to sentience. well hmmm... but we notice at this point that inertia and change can manifest in various combinations. The two that spring to mind most easily are Order and Chaos.

Obviously Order can contain change, but it is change of a sort that leaves everything in a proper place or pattern which contains surely an element of inertia. Similarly chaos represents allot of change intuitively, but we would also have to say that without some inertia there would not be enough form in order to measure degrees of chaos. To make it more clear and abstract, I will equate Symmetry and Determinism with Order and Chance and Entropy with Chaos. Entropy is things breaking down, and Chance introduces a statistical concept rather than the singular exactness of determinism even over multiple objects. These things more clearly descend from the abstract concepts of inertia and change.

So we have energy, inertia, change, order, and chaos. Does this get us to sentience? um... no. Not yet at least.

Well ahah though! If i combine order and chaos, I get self-organizations. Hurricanes spinning, tornadoes forming, all sorts of things can be explained by some combination of symmetry and entropy, determinism and chance. Physicists do it all the time. Some even think that life came from self-organizing molecules.

So we have energy, inertia, change, symmetry, entropy, and self-organization. Yet this still leaves me somewhat sort of sentience, though quite close.

Life after-all doesn't have to be sentient or very sentient anyway.

Well self-organization can take two forms at least. One extreme is correlation. Things can organize themselves in perfect or semi-perfect correspondence with patterns. Another one is synchronicity, where forms organize themselves in a deliberate but somewhat unpredictable set of associations. This happens in chaos fractals all the time for instance.

So energy, inertia, change, determinism, chance, self-organization, correlation, and synchronicity ... is that enough to connect us to sentience?

Well almost. In the human limit, we would need a process of encoding – the translation of correlations or synchronicities into some sort of symbolic form - rather like we need to be able to reduce physical properties to symbols in order to put them in equations. We recall that we have claimed that equations describe the form of the soul or consciousness of energy.

So energy, inertia, change, order, chaos, self-organization, correlation, synchronicity, and encoding ... is that enough to produce an "equation for the soul" ? or sentience?

Yes, that would be the minimum general requirement that it would take to write an equation of the soul or sentience for any energy, including the subtle human ones.

So let's organize them. We could organize these concepts visually in any way. Let's do it in this way, just cause it pleases me.

Note: The original diagram was done as ASCII art

If you haven't recognized it, that's the Tree of Life or Otz Chim.

Okay that was a neat trick, but where is perception and will? Well let me first define two terms. A Symbol is any Encoding that allows correlation or synchronicity to be turned into sentience, or information to be passed up from sentience. A Causality is any self-organization (or reorganization or disorganization) that allows information to pass up or down the chain past that choke point. Sometimes called a Causal Vehicle or Causal Train as well.

So here I saw Will is anything that goes up that ladder and Perception is anything that climbs down it. What are the things or messengers or angels climbing up or down the ladder? You can call it information mister. The kabbalistis called it Shekinah, but since you can quantify information I prefer that term.

Thus you are presented with the Physicist's Tree of Life.

Do I really mean that the soul of someone's subtle energy form is really just a governing set of principles that can be described by an equation given the above symbolic outline of its form?


We asked earlier what was Energy? You could call Energy the ensoulment of God. What, where did that come from? Well suppose we postulate a subtle energy above the transcendent. After all, everyone is creative to an extent but who is divine? So let's say some people can convert energy into a higher level called "cosmic" and that too has some sort of soul or sentience or consciousness. Just like the all the other energies.

Let's use the Copernican principle again. Well if there's nothing special about us, then what about typical physical energy? Does that have the capacity to take on these "subtle vibrations" as well? Sure. It has to, logically. We may have more of it, and have it tied up in more complex forms, but the universe as a whole is going to have these subtle energies. The highest form that we've postulated is this "cosmic" energy.

All the variations will have equations that describe them, and a sentience or natural governing principles or soul. What do we call this soul? God.

So when you look at physics equations, you're look at the description of God. Something like God's left pinkie toe's hair, but nonetheless a direct description of God. This is partly what physicists grope at when they wonder at trying to fathom "the thought of God".

Now from a philosophical view point, one could sputter and saw isn't God separate from the Universe? Well of course you could assume that. One can make that arbitrary choice of view point.

Just as one could have *assumed* ad hoc that there were four (or more) souls that governed varying subtle bodies that were variations on basic ordinary everyday energy. And come to same exact end conclusion. It would have been deductive instead of inductive as I outlined above, but it would have been the same.

But ahah, we now appeal to Occam's Razor which says the argument which requires fewer ad hoc assumptions (literally fewer entities) wins out if both explain something equally well.

Note how simple and general yet precise the arguments have been.

So is that it? Is Will just anything that let's you go from sentience to energy and Perception anything from energy to sentience?

Well no. Remember the two choke points? Will can be said in the particular case to be able to control one's encoding and one's self-organization to allow sentience to influence energy. Likewise, control of those two points that allows energy to influence sentience is Perception.


Well my task for you is to compare what I've just done to the whole of Colin Low's argument - most especially the chapter on the Four worlds, the multiple souls, his intro discussion on energy and consciousness, and his tree of life (see Jacob's ladder also).

My question is okay, well that's all very well and dandy but hey! I challenge you to come up with a way to actually write out an equation for a soul or consciousness even in a very simplified form, and better yet find a way to graph it or at least somewhat pictorally define what a mapping of this godawful mess would have to look like if it were done.

I mean, unless one can actually do these things concretely, what is the point of saying a soul can be described by an equation or Energy is the ensoulment of God or cosmic consciousness or any of that kind of flowery stuff, right?

We're not poets and philosophers- we do magick! This better have a point ... does it?